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VALMON STAMPATI have a fleet of machines that combine an outstanding level of technology with excellent induction furnaces which allow it to manufacture a wide range of articles with consistent quality levels. In order to achieve flexible manufacturing, VALMON STAMPATI is working towards achieving full automation of its machines with the objective of drastically reducing machine downtimes and tool setup times. Its manufacturing  capacity exploits 250 to 450 ton presses and 300 to 450 ton screw presses (rocker arms). VALMON STAMPATI also has a HATEBUR AMP20 forging press island, which is renowned for its high productivity levels, and able to sustain an operating pace of up to 200 strokes a minute. Further evidence of the firm’s continuous research on innovation is the presence of entirely electronic dual-bar cutters, which are able to guarantee greater accuracy and improved  productivity. Furthermore, in order to ensure all processing phases fully meet its extremely high technological standard requirements, it also uses automated shearing units with completely independent viewing systems.

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